11 Mar


3. Disinformationalists

This group consists of those who are contracted by the government to spread disinformation (lies) to convince the public that non-persistent chemtrails are:
(a) contrails (water vapor), and
(b) that they are “normal” and “harmless”.
These “information mercenaries ” are much more numerous than many realize, and they are paid using your tax dollars. This information warfare is generously-funded with hundreds-of-millions of taxpayer dollars annually in the U.S. alone.
A single disinformation worker can manage hundreds of Facebook accounts. Numerous fake accounts will join a chemtrail awareness group and will spread information and will support each other in an attempt to create the appearance of a consensus. This fake consensus creates social pressure for other real people to believe it (a surprising number of people choose to believe things simply because a majority of others appears to believe it.).
The operators of these fake accounts may also attempt to incriminate or slander the administrators of the group in order to scare people away. They also continue to draw attention to the smaller issues that may divide the group rather than focusing on the main issue that draws everyone together.
Disinformationalists are on all social networks and forums. They have blogs and websites, and they attend your local social groups and churches. They are well financed and well trained in the art of deception and emotional manipulation. They specialize in causing confusion and discord. Their goal is to keep active groups small, divided, and disorganized. They also try to make active individuals discouraged and overwhelmed. Most importantly, they want the public to believe that contrails are harmless so they can keep spraying lethal chemicals and harmful metals without public opposition.
Disinformationalists are just as responsible for the death and disease caused by the chemtrail holocaust as are those who invented and manage it. The chemtrail holocaust could not have continued more than a few years without paid disinformationalists selling lies to the public.


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