Lets not be sheeple

11 Mar

This is a new blog that i am going to be working on to get the word out to the masses about what is going on with the chemtrails that are a daily part of our life, if we only look up in sky. I will be posting lots of info and links. Roderick, Ck this info out. #1485 – 04/21/10 02:00 AM VIDEO The ALUMINIZATION of Our Soils! Understanding One of the Reasons for Chemtrails

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Please share this page using this easy link:

Understanding One of the Reasons for Chemtrails

Take a moment to understand why so many plants and animals (and humans) are dying globally. This historic event is occurring right above our heads with virtually no media coverage.

Please send a link to this page to:

(1) Friends and family

(2) Your local government agency responsible for soil and air quality (probably 2 different agencies)

(3) Local newspapers, magazines, radio talk shows

(4) Local judges, county clerks, county commissioners, police

(5) High school and college environmental groups

This is the short link to this page: http://urlbam.com/ha/M003m

Also invite them to join our newsletter and Facebook Group:


FaceBook Group:

Why Aluminumize Our Soils?

Read this for the answer:

“Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic:
Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don’t

Vital Information!

Mysterious Animal & Plant Die-Offs

Even the short ones are chemtrails

The Worst Thing That Could Happen: High-Altitude Chemtrails No Longer Visible From the Ground

U.S. Law Allows Testing of Chemicals and Biological Agents on “Civilian Population”

Does the Bible Contain Prophecies About Chemtrails?

How Aluminum Damages Plant Life

What is the Other Reason for Chemtrails?

Dr. David Ayoub on Mercury, Vaccines, and Depopulation
Watch this “Must-Watch” video for the answer (you must watch the entire video all-the-way-through to comprehend the depth of the information presented).


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