11 Mar

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This is the epic film by Michael Murphy that exposes the chemtrail cover up. This video is an excellent tool to educate people about the long lines that jets are producing in the skies.

What In the World are They Spraying
(Official Full-Length Video)

These lines left by jets are not contrails. They are chemical aerosols that affect the health of everyone who breaths.

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Here is an alternative link to the full-length movie on Vimeo

Why In The World Are They Spraying
Full Length Video

This documentary dives deeper in and exposes “Why” chemical aerosols are being sprayed on the public. This is another “must-watch” video that should be shared with everyone you know.




11 Mar

Those spreading disinformation about chemtrails would like nothing more than for you to believe that short, non-persistent plumes coming out of jets are harmless contrails. If they convince you of this, then you will ignore these plumes and allow them to spray you without objection, and this is exactly what they want.

They will tell you that they’ve seen contrails since they were children. They will tell you that contrails are scientifically proven to contain water vapor. They will tell you anything necessary to make you believe short trails are harmless. This is exactly how disinformation works.

Beware of those who claim that short plumes emitted by aircraft are “contrails”.